all the kids

all the kids

Monday, October 2, 2017

I Am the Bee

I rescued a bee out of the pool today.

I was passing by the wide open blue water, in between doing one busy thing heading to another.  I saw the bee, a tiny dot, on her last breath. Not the heroic struggling of the first stranded bee. The slow struggling of the waterlogged, the bee about to go down.

There was a tiny leaf, like a fairy's landing pad, no bigger than my thumb, floating next to her.

I see you, bee, I said.

I won't let you die.

I stuck my toes in the water, reached out for the leaf, got the little tiny body onto the leaf. She fell off, but scooped again and she hung on. Then she fell off.

It's such a big pool. No other bees in sight. How did I even see her, in all that water.

I washed her out on a wave with my hand.

She was alive. She was so grateful.

I am the bee.